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Happy Halloween, tater tots!

May your evening be full of tasteful, clever and Pinterest-worthy festivities.

xx SP


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Happy Fall Y’All.

The season has officially shifted and I squealed with glee upon watching snowflakes float to the ground for the first time this season. Moments later I would curse those very same snowflakes for hindering my otherwise flawless driving abilities and dampening my otherwise perfect pile of hair.  On my head. Not just my pile of hair. I always keep that indoors anyway.

So I would like to share with you my favorite images from the previous week of haunted havens and creepy costumes, as it was my first time immersing myself into wondrous world of the spooky holiday in six long years! The English aren’t big on costumes and candy for it contradicts their two most prized traits; repression and doughty cuisine. Is cuisine a trait? No? Shut up. You are.

Speaking of repression, here we’ve got a delightful little sample of Mamma Sally’s elusive artistic ability. In a combined effort (and as a gift to a friend) Sally painted an autumn pumpkin scene onto softened canvas and I Suite Potatoed it into a pillow!

Happy Fall Y’all. Love that line. Genius.

And speaking of pumpkins – and geniuses – please marvel over the profoundly clever and artistic representation of a tree that I carved just before All Hallow’s Eve.  I hate tooting my own horn here but, come on, it’s clearly the superior pumpkin.


Moving right along.. let’s have a look at some stellar costumes, shall we?

Winning my immediate and undying affection, I’d like to introduce you to Kat and Garth.

And yes, they stayed in character all night.

Not familiar with these sexy sweater vested characters? Let’s go ahead and take care of that right now.

View ’em here.

Moving right along to the other notables of the evening…

FRIEDA! excellent.

Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas. Excellent.

And last and so much more freaking importantly, I present to you the death clerk from Beetlejuice!

Check out the alarmingly striking resemblance (and also please appreciate Beetlejuice himself in the background of the above photo).

I wanted to follow her around all night, for anyone who can whip out the big guns like that must be significantly more evolved and interesting than me. But maybe if I show her my pile of hair…

xx SP

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