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Glamouflage 2012.

I nearly spit out my chocolate cream pie  last week in Idaho City when I overheard a young couple talking about the camo themed wedding they had just attended. “The bride had a camo sash and all the guests wore camo accents” she gushed.

I imagine the spectacular sight looked a little something like this. The social event of the season, no doubt.

Then suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere (perhaps because it blended in so well? Gaffaw, Gaffaw) camo appeared everywhere in fall fashion.

I immediately found myself wondering whether or not this print would translate well to interior trends. There are whispers of imagery sprinkled throughout the web suggesting that I am onto something. And love it or hate it, I see big, square, fluffy down-filled camo accent pillows in Suite Potato Store’s future…

Camo wall accent. A definite statement but the grey scale keeps it surprisingly subtle. Home Designing.

Modern meets manly.Nylon Guy.

Canary yellow! This conjures up all sort of possible combinations. The yellow accents could just as easily be a shade of florescent pink to be used in a girls room. Houzz

PB Teen.

I’m swooning over these Lima-bean-green chairs. I am very on board with camo as a detailed accent (displayed in lampshade.) It’s not the first thing you notice when you see the room but it makes second and third glances more interesting and dynamic. Suite 106 Blog

How would you incorporate camo print pillows into your setting, you ask? I was thinking a little something like this:

Sofa: Joss and Main.  Canvas Art Trio: Didgi Widgi Non-camo pillows: Furbish and West Elm. Side table: West Elm. Tripod floor lamp: Target.

xo SP


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Thinking Inside The Box.


Sure, it’s easy enough to transform your “office” into a swanky, styled-out haven suited for a King (…or a CEO) but can it be done to a cubicle?

I’ve recently re-entered the professional workforce via Corporate America and have begun to settle into my comfortable cubicle situation. I’ve got my seat adjusted just the way I like it and have organized my stationary tools to be perfectly accessible to my left-handedness and now I think it’s time to get down to the knitty-gritty (décor).

Naturally I went searching for inspiration online and though I didn’t find exactly what I was seeking, I did happen upon some creative spaces suggesting that even though they’re literally boxing us in, we’ll never really be boxed in. You know. Metaphorically.

Style My Cube

Plants. Got to get myself a plant.


The grass is always greener in that workspace.

Office Designz.


Style My Cube.

City screen saver and tiki theme? Better not let the fishes see that, my friend.

Office Design Blog

Every hour is cocktail hour in this bad boy.

Nielson Data.

Keepin’ it classy no matter the circumstance.


Um, hammock chair? Absolutely necessary, thank you.

In a State of Luxe

My favesies. Even though I’m pretty sure it’s not even a cubicle.

Home Workshop

Seriously maximizing this space’s potential. Seriously.

Design Office Interior

They say you’re a work-a-holic if you bring your work on your vacation…but what about when you bring your vacation to work?

Design Juices.

Organized chaos.

Design Juices

The literal interpretation.

Denver Post.

The rebel.

Apartment Therapy.

Good use of color without overstimulating the senses.

xx SP

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Color Pall[et]s.

We’ve known each other a while now so I feel comfortable enough to share with you a little snapshot of something I’ve been obsessing over the past six months.

Big mountains of shipping pallets.

No, seriously.

Here’s why.

Shipping pallet turned dining table. DDekor.

…turned wine rack. The Green Children.

…turned lounger. Shelterness.

…turned rustic floating shelves. In All The Wrong Places.

…turned ENTIRE LIVING ROOM. Home Design Find.

..turned awesome minimal chic bed (with under lighting). Improvised Life.

…turned crazy wonderful wall unit. small child not included. Racks Pallet.

…turned bookcase and bike rack. Tree Hugger.

…turned lawn chairs! Inhabitat.


And my latest fixation – turned coffee table. Currently working on one now while vibing these…

Inside – Out Design.

The Interior Revolution.


Don’t worry. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

xx SP

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Can You Say…Deja Vu?

I can’t really. French was never my strong suite. i mean suit.


That’s right. It is deja vu. That’s because Suite Potato was commissioned to do her upmost to recreate the former turquoise shabby chic desk for a new client. And what new client wants – Suite Potato delivers.

Check it out! This solid wood desk had great shape to begin with and those antique handles were to die for!

I got down’n dirty and sanded every inch of this puppy.

After letting the paint dry, I took a medium grain sander back to the corners and distressed each rim. Lastly, I went back over the surfaces with the same grain sand paper and followed the natural lines of the wood and lightly sanded the paint until the fibers were subtly visible.

Woo-eeey! Even cooler looking than the former if I do say so myself…

And now for the before/after…

xx Suite Potato.

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Currently working on…

I’m particularly excited about these little diddies. I’ve got the PERFECT fabric picked out for the chairs and the secretary desk! MY GOD, THE SECRETARY DESK! It’s already fabulous, but the color transformation I have in mind will make you jump out of your body and into one of the sweet little secretary drawers! But don’t. Don’t touch it. Mine. Mine mine.

xx Suite Potato

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DAY-UMMN, Chair, you gotta nice back side.

Aaaaalright allright!

Three beautiful mismatched patterns brought together, despite their differences, in unison with one chair. Like the black and white cookie.

Mamma Sally picked up these hot little fabric samples at the fabulous Furbish during her recent homage back to the Southern Motherland of North Carolina. I’ve still got to add the delicious red licorice silk roping border to the front piece. I miscalculated the length when purchasing. DESIGN COMMANDMENT # 568: THOU SHALL NOT GUESSTIMATE MEASUREMENTS.

And just to remind you what an ugly duckling we were dealing with in the beginning, please observe the transformation with your utmost diligence. Hold your applause. No, don’t.

xx Suite Potato.

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Tint it blue, baby.

So I’m big into serendipitous signs these days, as I suppose anyone would be who has recently involuntarily flipped their world upside down in favor of a road less traveled. My current favorite message from the universe (and compliments of Chaing Mai Thai Restaurant) was a fortune cookie that reads:

You find beauty in ordinary things. Do not lose these ability.

Yes, fortune cookie, yes. I do find beauty in ordinary things. It is this superpower that I hope will help catipolt my restored furniture venture.

And so we begin. With an antique desk rescued from a local thrift store. Despite the tragic runt-of-a-knob chillin’ in the top right left drawer, various scrapes and bruises and curious collection of discounted softballs perched atop its surface, I saw potential in this little rascal. Solid wood? Check. Practical usage? (i’m thinking awesome bedroom dressing table, complimentary accent piece in living room or writing/sewing desk in home office) check. Pending awesomeness once I sand, paint, distress and detail the buhjesus out of the little beaut? check, check, check!

I prepped my trusty balcony and sanded it down.

I chose my color. Turqouise. Yes, yes I do believe this desk is yearning for a soft, satin turqouise to revive its spirits.

Ah, yes. Don’t you feel better already? I knew you would.

After finishing the piece and letting it dry, I took my sander back to it and lightly sanded down the corners and various flat surfaces until traces of the original wood color and texture were exposed. What’s old is new! And old again! Eureka!

I’m still searching for the perfect knobs. I have temporarily fostered the original knobs from my kitchen cabinets (which I replaced with these blue and white glass knobs the moment I moved into my apartment, obviously).

Seen staged here in my bedroom, I am displaying the piece to show how deliciously practical and funky it can be used as a jazzy dressing table. Mamma Sally says the surface is too rough. (I’m still expirementing, Sally, give a girl a break). But keeping this in mind, I have decided that a vibrant patterned fabric laid under a fresh cut piece of glass is just what this piece needs to be finished off. Currently exploring these options.

In the mean time, I have listed this piece on Craigslist to test the market. Please feast your eyes on the details of this unique gift of beauty and purchase it here:

Buy this awesome shabby-chic desk. Do it. Now.

xx Suite Potato

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