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Remember that time I said I had big news a’comin?

I still do.

And I’m going to tell you about it……………..



really soon.

So uh, you know.Watch this space for the…suite news.




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No Aggravatin’ In My Relax’n Room.

My feeling on patios/porches is this: They’re the stress-proof room. When was the last time you had a seat in a whimsical porch with light wispy colors and soft wicker furniture while sipping a fresh mint lemonade and thought to yourself – this really makes me want to have a complete emotional breakdown.

If you answered anything other than never, you might want to ask your creepy clown friends for their therapist’s digits.

Green foliage from floor to ceiling? Don’t mind if I do!

Delicate eye-treats hanging from a clothes wire. Divine! Better move that hat before someone sits on it, dum dum. Katie Said So.

So bohemian-chic I can barely stand it! It has inspired me to write a song. Quick. Find me a guitar. Oh. Wait. Nevermind. There’s one lying on this ottoman. And it appears to be a bit chilly. Home Design Favorite.

IIIIII meeeeaaaan……All I want to do for the rest of my life is lay beneath these twinkle lights and watch old trucks drive by. Pinterest.

Barn yard chic? I’m yearning for some glass hanging lanterns. Although I think I could do without the wily tumbleweed waiting to poke me in the foot.  Katie Said So.

Oh. Don’t mind me.  I think I’ll just sit here and sip on my cucumber water and listen to sounds of the rainforest while my sheets are turned town. I’m exhausted from that afternoon massage. Thanks so much. 2 Cats and a House.

Those colors delight my senses! Love when I see great use of small spaces. Katie Said So.

Yes to dark wicker, yes to padded ottoman pillows, yes to casual curtain draping, yes to embroidered lanterns, yes to felafel. What? There’s no felafel? This just really makes me want a felafel. Pinterest.

I love an all-white patio. Although I’m pretty sure the Queen of Hearts is hiding behind those shrubs. Decor Pad.

All I really want in life (aside from everything else I’ve ever mentioned) is a floating porch swing for my little Suite Potato porch. I tried to talk Special Man Friend into building me one but he says I am a furniture hoarder and refuses to enable my disease. Nevermind that, Special Man Friend. You’re just tired and delusional from all the fire fumes. Bet you wish you had an awesome porch swing to relax on.

Never end a sentence with a preposition on with. Pinterest.


My patio is in the middle of a mini facelift. More like a little botox sesh. Just a little boop boop change here and there. Lighten and tighten!


Before/After pictures to follow.


Suite Potato.

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Hey you guys, come look how smart I am.

Oh, the elusive home bookcase. A perfect way to display all the books you’ve never read memorized from cover to cover. Everyone will immediately know how intelligent you are and judge you based on your collection.

Seriously, though. Bookcases are the shit. It’s easy to find endless examples of bookcases being used as the focal point of a living space and to claim that they’re uber hip right now. But when have bookcases not been cool? Anyone who’s anyone watched Beauty + The Beast’s Bell swing from the library latter and dreamed of their own floor to ceiling bookcase/library situation from which to sing catchy Disney melodies. Did I use the word bookcase enough? Bookcase.

We Heart It.

The Night Fox.

Color blocking books is hot. Homes & Garden.

Dark and floor to ceiling. Yes please. Pinterest.

Bookshelves, dainty dog, before/after, ikat AND blue and white! Stimulation overload. Eddie Ross.

furniture in front of a bookcase. Bold move. Hope who ever sits there hates watching television. i suwannee.

Pure Style Home.

That’s a lot of busts, no? Pure Style Home.

He’s a far-talker. Pure Style Home.

West Elm.


Ok. Now i’m going to show you the Suite Potato before/after bookcase. Ready? Are you? Are you ready? Bookcase.

This was the selling point for me when I fond this apartment. Built in book shelves. It was the first thing I furnished.

and then…

Mmm. Charcoal grey. Color blocking. Idaho antlers. Nostalgic photographs. Hand-thrown pottery. Yeah. That’s right.

Over and out.

xxx Suite Potato.

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“It’s not the size of the package, it’s, uh, what you do with it.” (giggle. giggle.)

The always darling Nick Olson outfits his photographer friend’s studio apartment. DEE-LISH.

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