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…And put it riiiiiight here.

For all those times you invite people into your home and they insist on imposing their design opinions on your living space.

(I, for one, would never impose in such a way.)

Okay maybe once. Okay on occasion. Okay every time I enter someone’s home. Or office. Or retail space. Or public bathroom.

xx SP


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Mid Century Facelift

When Craigslist postings started popping up left and right for mid century furniture in Boise, it waas reason enough to investigate further.

What I found was Broadway Vintage – A refuge for unappreciated mid century and Danish Modern finds rescued from estate sales, thrift stores and – as one of the owners recently told me – even bought right off the front porch of houses.

Both inventory and patron were filled with the usual suspects; Eames and Wassily  replicas, Arch lamps, Lane coffee tables and thick-framed, vintage-briefcase-toting hipsters eye balling console tables to house their collection of antique SLR cameras and Jesus and Mary Chain records. Since their arrival on the scene in winter of 2011 I’ve watched as their audience, knowledge and quality of pieces have risen.

I found this hiding in the basement in a room of unfinished pieces on one my first visits.

I enthusiastically made the purchase, deciding to tackle the issue of missing foam later.

A few weeks later I came upon this ottoman at a thrift store.

A perfect mate! Looking past the scuffed legs and disaster of polyester upholstery was challenging but if I  found the right fabric, I new I could resurrect it.

Out came the staples and off came the legs.

I toyed with color choices – first red, then matte grey, but ultimately  the clean modern lines wanted themselves a little satin black.

Before I proceed it is imperative that I explain the tragedy of photo quality is thanks to the suicide of my camera.

Boo. Boo hoo hoo.

But the show must go on.


That’s a wrap, folks.

xx SP

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Winging It.

I love a good chair. I love a good pattern. I love a good before/after challenge.

So when a client approached me with the task of outfitting her new living room – building off of just one sofa – It was clear that I had my work cut out for me.

To me, the immediately obvious set-up yearned for a fabulous pair of patterned wing-back chairs. Luckily for me, Tayler was all-too willing to hop on board with the funky train so very little convincing was necessary – although a bit of fabulous inspiration board-sharing was still compulsory.

Belle Maison 23

Studio Creative Juice

Your Design Partner

Modern Grace Designs

Cotswold Marketplace

Furbish Studio


With my mission clear, I set sail on the Craigslist seas in search of the perfect fixer-uppers and came upon these steal-of-a-deals and started to brainstorm upholstry….

Tayler was particularly fond of their somewhat squatty stature…

…(although the novelty of their petiteness waned slightly upon the sit-test performed by her not-so-petite but oh-so-tolerant husband. All 6″7 of him).

I’ve been big on contrast backing so we decided to really go for it here with a green and white chevron and bold grey ikat. This took some major faith and visualization.

“Yuk!” Exclaimed a judgy Mamma Sally.  “I don’t get it.” stated a perplexed Special Man Friend.

Don’t worry. Both statements were immediately retracted when I pulled these puppies out of my car three weeks later.


And all the elements fall into place….

So, to review:

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Out with the awesome, in with the awesome.

Suite Potato pieces have been selling like hot potatoes! So a suite replenishment was in order.

Pillows, chairs, benches and more on their way!



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Bar Stools – Before/After

My lovely friend Courtney of Fancy Pants ever-so-kindly handed off these little doozies to me last summer.

And I finally figured out what to do with them.

Shizzzzam! Semi-gloss black. Twine-wrapped accents.





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I See An Ugly Sofa and I Want To Paint It Black.

I think that’s the second time I’ve used a Rolling Stone song for an interior design pun. Ol’ Mr. Jagger is probably rolling in his grave right about now.

What? Still alive?

I kid you, Mick. I kid.

But seriously. Let’s talk about painted furniture. And I really mean painted furniture.

I first researched this option this past summer when I bought these fellas and was trying to think of a time and cost saving alternative to re-upholstery.

And then last week I spotted this before and after gem on Design Sponge.

Stella of Mon Petit Studio commandeered this fabulous sofa for $25 and after reading about the fabric painting situation online, she gave it a whirl.

(First she taped off the woodwork.)

Using a combination of black flat latex paint and Delta Ceramcoat Textile Medium (an additive keeps acrylic/latex paint flexible enough to use to paint a couch, without all of it just flaking off) she got to work with a paintbrush!

And voila! Is that incredible or is that incredible?

Apparently, it feels pretty damn good too.

Stella, girl. You got style. I’m going to copycat you. And you’re going to like it. Or your going to hate it. Or you’ll feel ambivalent about it.

Read the detailed how-to guide here.


Over and out.

xx SP

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Before/After: The Resurrection of Les Chairs

A quick refresher:

First they were this:

And then they were this:

And now they are this:

So, to summarize…

Before    /      After

Questions? Concerns? Cool.

xx SP

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