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Glamouflage 2012.

I nearly spit out my chocolate cream pie  last week in Idaho City when I overheard a young couple talking about the camo themed wedding they had just attended. “The bride had a camo sash and all the guests wore camo accents” she gushed.

I imagine the spectacular sight looked a little something like this. The social event of the season, no doubt.

Then suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere (perhaps because it blended in so well? Gaffaw, Gaffaw) camo appeared everywhere in fall fashion.

I immediately found myself wondering whether or not this print would translate well to interior trends. There are whispers of imagery sprinkled throughout the web suggesting that I am onto something. And love it or hate it, I see big, square, fluffy down-filled camo accent pillows in Suite Potato Store’s future…

Camo wall accent. A definite statement but the grey scale keeps it surprisingly subtle. Home Designing.

Modern meets manly.Nylon Guy.

Canary yellow! This conjures up all sort of possible combinations. The yellow accents could just as easily be a shade of florescent pink to be used in a girls room. Houzz

PB Teen.

I’m swooning over these Lima-bean-green chairs. I am very on board with camo as a detailed accent (displayed in lampshade.) It’s not the first thing you notice when you see the room but it makes second and third glances more interesting and dynamic. Suite 106 Blog

How would you incorporate camo print pillows into your setting, you ask? I was thinking a little something like this:

Sofa: Joss and Main.  Canvas Art Trio: Didgi Widgi Non-camo pillows: Furbish and West Elm. Side table: West Elm. Tripod floor lamp: Target.

xo SP


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I See An Ugly Sofa and I Want To Paint It Black.

I think that’s the second time I’ve used a Rolling Stone song for an interior design pun. Ol’ Mr. Jagger is probably rolling in his grave right about now.

What? Still alive?

I kid you, Mick. I kid.

But seriously. Let’s talk about painted furniture. And I really mean painted furniture.

I first researched this option this past summer when I bought these fellas and was trying to think of a time and cost saving alternative to re-upholstery.

And then last week I spotted this before and after gem on Design Sponge.

Stella of Mon Petit Studio commandeered this fabulous sofa for $25 and after reading about the fabric painting situation online, she gave it a whirl.

(First she taped off the woodwork.)

Using a combination of black flat latex paint and Delta Ceramcoat Textile Medium (an additive keeps acrylic/latex paint flexible enough to use to paint a couch, without all of it just flaking off) she got to work with a paintbrush!

And voila! Is that incredible or is that incredible?

Apparently, it feels pretty damn good too.

Stella, girl. You got style. I’m going to copycat you. And you’re going to like it. Or your going to hate it. Or you’ll feel ambivalent about it.

Read the detailed how-to guide here.


Over and out.

xx SP

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Hippie Knobs.

DIY Twine Pull Knobs from Design Sponge. Genius!

I’m on it.

xx SP

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Currently Working on…[Fancy Chair Edition]

…Aaaaand it was priming day in the Suite Potato quarters. After priming the dresser (yes , yes, it looks quite nice). While I waited for it to dry I shifted my attention to this delicious little pair of chairs I picked up last weekend.

Another solid wood find. They’ve got some serious potential. But the intricate plethora of nooks and crannies proved somewhat challenging on the priming front.

Admit it. They look cooler already.

I finished the day by sketching out my plan of attack for both projects and purchasing my color choices.

What have I decided, you ask? Shhh. It’s a secret.

xx SP

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Currently Working On….(Dresser Edition)

I took my my hot new little friend, Mr. Random Orbital Sander, for a spin today with a fabulously ornate little dresser generously given to me by a friend.

Hibernating quietly in Shari’s storage, this little number was in some serious need of TLC.

The top and side inserts were covered in some sort of contact paper which had peeled off in parts on top and was interestingly layered and bubbled on the sides.

Daunting, no?

With many deep breaths, tedious picking and exacto-knife using, I got all those pesky little suckers off and was ready to sand my little heart out.

And sand, I did. All the live long day.

I was pleased to discover that almost the entire dresser was made of solid wood. This will be a killer resale piece.

And now, what to do, what to do…


Photo inspiration? You read my mind, friend.

I dig the idea of a cool flat red – and chalk paint effect? Winner. HGTV Blog.

Classic enough but still very “now”. Food and Home.

Antiqued green. Uh huh. Design Sponge.

Silhouettes. Clever and easy enough, no? Apartment Therapy.

Extreme awesomeness. The tree reveals exposed wood grain. Diving Meet.

Modern moody profile. Design Sponge.

An accent piece with an accent. I slay myself. Honey and Fitz.

Purple?! Get outta town! I’m constantly drawn to unexpected blasts of color in a room like this. Super Chyc.

One of my favorite color combos of as of late – charcoal/white/yellow. Apartment Therapy.


Is there a clear winner? Is it too soon to tell? Are these rhetorical questions?

Stay tuned to find out.

xx SP

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Mid Century Chair Refresh: Before/After

I was commissioned for a design project in a lovely North End home late last fall and was delighted to put my upholstery skills to good use with a fabulous chair challenge.

BEFORE: The owner (the lovely Taya) stumbled upon this incredible mid century gem at a garage sale. The wood was in perfect condition but the cushions were beyond dated so she had two pieces of foam cut in hopes of recovering it some day.

AFTER: Taya wanted a fun and relevant geometric print to use in her bedroom while staying in line with her color scheme (turquoise, browns, creams and blues).  This cotton canvas fabric (found at Home Fabrics for $5.99 per yard – a STEAL-) was fun, durable and new without being over-the-top trendy.

She wasn’t thrilled with the resulting thickness of the foam so I took it to my favorite upholstery friends on Chinden and had both pieces trimmed.

I finished the chair with some funky pillows from the ever reliable TJ Maxx and the piece settled perfectly next to the window in Taya’s uber chic bedroom.


xx SP

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Mirror, Mirror[s] On the Wall[s]

“It makes us seem really…vapid” says Special Man Friend as he stares – completely perplexed – at the gallery of mirrors above our sofa .

My reasons behind my affinity for this look are two fold: 1. It looks awesome as hell. 2. I don’t quite trust myself yet to choose art that is strong enough to display in my own home.

Living room [before] we moved in.


Or, rather, during. I’m still searching for the perfect coffee table and I don’t dare show you the opposite wall of this room, which yearns to be covered by a grand bookcase but now currently houses a record player and set of speakers precariously straddling two dining room chairs.  A real modern day tragedy, if you ask me.

And now it’s time to view a few delightful examples of well displayed mirror galleries. Partly to inspire the viewers, but mostly to prove to Special Man Friend that I am not the vapid…est of them all.


Ext. Home Depot.

Polka Dots and Puppies.

The Vintage Cupcake Photography.

Update Dallas.

Design Dining and Diapers


Roost Home

xx SP

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