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The Weekend Experience.

Blake and Megan.

Adventurers, best friends, world-class trash-talkers.

The anticipation leading up to this event had AWESOMENESS written all over it. Maybe it was the diligence and attention to detail from being an accountant (Megan) or the abundant supply of rambunctious, animated gentleman who kept the energy high for 4 straight days (Blake) or perhaps the stars aligned for everyone at just the right time for this one special weekend, but I have never heard “that was the best weekend of my life” uttered so many times in reference to one event (and this wasn’t even the Bride and Groom talkin’).

THE TREE! Megan had difficulty pinning down exactly the way she wanted her invitations to look. But it was decidedly absent of….something. After sending me several proofs conjured up by the folks at fabulous Paisley Roberts, I started thinking about representations of the stunning McCall mountains where the ceremony would take place, along with all the wood accents being used throughout the table settings. I ended up superimposing a simple silhouette of a pine tree on the header of the invite…

Eureka! The missing link! Like any good branding campaign, the symbol of the tree was quickly incorporated into all wedding paraphernalia we could get our hands on and will forever serve as a symbol for ‘the best weekend of our lives’. What – Too far?

Cowboy boots, fresh-cut wood chargers, vast acres of secluded rolling hills with which to run wild, midnight pool parties,  cloudless blue skies, home-made Cornhole gameboards, impromptu dance parties and bellies full of laughter with old friends. Now THAT’S a wedding.

And can you really call it a marriage ceremony if the entire bridal party doesn’t throw themselves into the pool at the end of the night? (Although Megan’s dress designer might be inclined to disagree.)

Special thanks to Two Bird Studios for stealthily capturing the most memorable frames throughout the weekend.

xx SP


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Something Old, Something…Older.

The masterful (and newly engaged) Sara K Byrne published the stunning results from our stylized photo shoot this past spring at the Botanical Gardens in Boise. Sara came to me to help develop a unique concept for a wedding photo shoot and we spent many weeks brainstorming themes, accents and details.

I challenge you to inspire a wedding photographer by coming up with an original wedding theme they haven’t seen and shot a hundred times before. Hipster-tastic? Too vague. Rustic chic? Yawn. Traveling theme? Contrived. Asian inspired? (She actually shuttered).

A hundred vetos and a slew of lattes later; we devised a theme. Or was it a non-theme theme? Without realizing it, we managed to cleverly incorporate all of our favorite elements from all of the above into one cohesive theme under an umbrella we donned “throw-back eclectic glamour’. We wanted chic but not pretentious, old but not tired, quirky but not kitsch. And if I do say so myself – that’s exactly what we got.

Insert two beautiful people, one gorgeous day (and location), one seriously incredible vintage wedding dress and a collection of some of the finest Boise artists and vendors, including Amaru Confections, Bliss Events, B29 StrEATery, yours truly, Marissa Lyons Makeup Artistry, and Lunatic Fringe Salon  and you’ve got yourself a success story. (as well as featured on uber cool Bridal blog – Bridal Musings.

The table setting. I immediately knew the look I wanted to achieve, which was largely shaped by heirlooms from my grandmothers. What better way to portray authentic vintage glamour than to incorporate the possessions of two fabulous women who lived it?

Lush gold silk fabric peaked through a vintage cream lace curtain panel-turned-table-cloth.

I have stacks and stacks of stunningly intricate china (note the infamous blue and white that Mamma Sal and I have seamlessly carried down the bloodline…) and I wanted to find a way to mix them all together.

Brass candlesticks, antique pins, statuesque glassware and antique photographs each held their own without fighting too hard to overpower one another.

My very favorite photographs of my grandparents served as perfect ‘bride and groom’ seat indicators – juxtaposed with these fabulously modern Lucite Louis XIII Ghost chairs.

and they [all] lived happily ever after. Probably.

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A Romantic Blur.

Weddings, weddings and more weddings.

But we’re back. And we’ve brought footage.

So let the re-caps commence.

Phase 1: Amber + Sam’s McCall Wedding.

Suite Potato had the honor of being tasked with the flower arrangements, table settings and last minute embellishments for this stunning June wedding.

Although not without challenges, including a last-minute scramble to purchase/replace wilted flowers and a dangerously narrow window of time for overall preparation, the whole thing went off without a hitch.

Navy, burlap, re-purposed wood, mason jars, horses, fairy lights, wild flowers, fire roasted marsh mellows, twine, live music, a roaring river, incredible wine, a beautiful couple, breathtaking views….there isn’t anything I could have screwed up with design that would have deterred from this perfect evening.

Stunning imagery captured by Ampersand Studios.

and that’s a wrap! (well…one wedding down – five more to go.)

xo SP

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Meanwhile, In The Gahhhdens……

Check it out!

Over the weekend, Suite Potato Style teamed up with the uber talented minds (and lenses) behind Sara K Bryrne Photography for an ultra fabulous 1940s stylized wedding photo shoot in The Botanical Gardens.

Watch this space (and hopefully many others) for the beautiful end result…coming soon!

xx SP

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