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Earn Your Stripes.

I’ve had this table for months and I saw its potential from the very beginning but only recently conjured up the follow-through with my mission.

Sitting not-so-pretty atop an old bath mat once upon a time while I debated my options.

So I sanded down the little guy and gave him a smooth little primer coat, tightened the loose legs and then painted that sucker black!

But I didn’t stop there. No, I didn’t stop there. He called out to me.

“Give me stripes!” he whaled. “STRIPES!”

So I did. I gave him stripes.

Bold white Beetle Juice stripes.

And the table was happy.

                                      before                                   /                                after.

xx SP


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Before/After: The Resurrection of Les Chairs

A quick refresher:

First they were this:

And then they were this:

And now they are this:

So, to summarize…

Before    /      After

Questions? Concerns? Cool.

xx SP

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…Just The Tip.

Oh hello.

Yes, I know. Fancy seeing me here. Your sarcasm is palpable. Okay so my posts have been infrequent.  But I’ve been a busy spud writing for the Fancy Pants blog, helping redesign and manage the website, all the while creating Suite Potato masterpieces. Consequentially the SP blog has suffered slightly. But I assure you, my posts will be worth your while once you see what I’ve been up to.

Perhaps you recall seeing these sad little saps which sulked for far too long in the corner of my cloffice.

While two of them were rescued at an earlier stage and transformed into these….

I struggled to settle on a concept for the remaining two.

As the striped versions sold immediately after posting, I was tempted to replicate them with the remaining two. (When you find something that works, keep on doin’ it – ammi right?)

BUT, at this crucial stage in the Suite Potato endeavor, it is also important to vary my works in order to improve my skill and stay current with design trends. Ammi right?

Of course I’m right.

So one fateful evening when I failed to achieve sleepiness, I began my conquest to acknowledge that black and white are a win-win color scheme, but add a little bit of unexpected pizazz to the mix this time.

Unfortunately for my carpet, I am about as graceful and calculated as a newborn Labrador and upon breaking temporarily for a sip of water, I kicked over the paint bucket onto my bedroom floor.

Did I mention I had chosen to paint the chairs black again?

But I don’t want to talk about it. So stop asking.

The solid wood chairs needed to be sanded prior to painting, as the gloss varnish would prevent the Painter’s Touch water-based paint from adhering properly.

While the black paint dried, I removed the hideous pastel floral brocade fabric that haunted the cushions.

With a pair of “cherry pickers”, I removed the upholstery staples that were used to fix the piping to the material. This is necessary, as leaving them on below the new fabric would ruin the clean lines.

The material itself was in good enough condition (no abrasions or cuts) so I left it when covering with my new fabric.

My WONDERFUL lifelong bestie Kara was kind enough to send me this fabulous kaleidoscope fabric from San Diego and when I saw it, I knew it was destined to adorn the seats of the chairs in question.

Because of the large repeat pattern, it is VERY IMPORTANT to be precise when matching one cushion to the other. If they’re not properly covered and the circles don’t mirror one another, it will simply look haphazard and everyone will hate you for ever and ever.

Now lets return to the paint job.

Since I had learned my lesson about painting in a space not conducive to easy cleanup, I endured the wintery chill of my patio and measured six inches and taped off the base of each leg. Just a little bit of frost bite. Nothing serious. Trial and error (and Special Man Friend) taught me that the adhesiveness of the tape can be stronger than the paint, so it is best to wear it down slightly by first running the tape along a strip of fabric or carpet. The tape will still stick nicely to the wood, but will prevent 100% contact with the new paint.

I enlisted the help of Special Man Friend to ensure yellow-tipped precision. I wish there was sound with this image so you could hear the incessent whining that followed my unwelcome documentation all the wonderful compliments and praise he paid me. Such a sweet boy.

We primed the tips with a pure white base before proceeding with Krylon Acrylic Latex Enamel ‘Gloss Canary’.

Once the yellow dried, we removed the tape and re-aligned it under the yellow (using same adhesion trick as before) to finish off with a clean black line.

Oooooh. Ahhhh. Well now, is that sharp, or is that sharp?

And now for the big picture…

And now for the before and after…

It’s good, right? Okay good. It’s good.

Well they’ve just been posted for sale! Get ’em before they’re gone!

clicky clicky!

…Meanwhile, I’ll be on my hands and knees scrubbing away at a miserably relentless black blob of paint that mimics my soul. Just kidding. Everything’s fine over here. Smiley winky face.

xx SP

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Hello, Beatlejuice. You Look Good.

Remember these sad little creatures?

How could you forget. How could I forget?

Well I did. For a minute. Until Special Man Friend reminded me they were taking up valuable room in the apartment.

So I Suite Potato’d ’em.


I found this fabric at a garage sale in the North End held by one of the costume designers for The Idaho Shakespeare Festival. Jackpot!

I padded the arms with wrapped cotton and upholstered them for a more rich, tailored look.

Can’t beat black and cream.


And there you have it! Damn, those are some good lookin’ Suite Potato chairs!

I’m hesitant to list them on Craigslist because they look so fabulous in my apartment. But I will part with them for the right price. So email me if you’re interested.

xx SP

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Can You Say…Deja Vu?

I can’t really. French was never my strong suite. i mean suit.


That’s right. It is deja vu. That’s because Suite Potato was commissioned to do her upmost to recreate the former turquoise shabby chic desk for a new client. And what new client wants – Suite Potato delivers.

Check it out! This solid wood desk had great shape to begin with and those antique handles were to die for!

I got down’n dirty and sanded every inch of this puppy.

After letting the paint dry, I took a medium grain sander back to the corners and distressed each rim. Lastly, I went back over the surfaces with the same grain sand paper and followed the natural lines of the wood and lightly sanded the paint until the fibers were subtly visible.

Woo-eeey! Even cooler looking than the former if I do say so myself…

And now for the before/after…

xx Suite Potato.

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Currently working on…

I’m particularly excited about these little diddies. I’ve got the PERFECT fabric picked out for the chairs and the secretary desk! MY GOD, THE SECRETARY DESK! It’s already fabulous, but the color transformation I have in mind will make you jump out of your body and into one of the sweet little secretary drawers! But don’t. Don’t touch it. Mine. Mine mine.

xx Suite Potato

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AAaaaaaand SOLD!

Yesterday, Suite Potato sold the first piece she ever renovated!

AND she’s been commissioned to restore a SECOND desk/dressing table to replicate the first!

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