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Glamouflage 2012.

I nearly spit out my chocolate cream pie  last week in Idaho City when I overheard a young couple talking about the camo themed wedding they had just attended. “The bride had a camo sash and all the guests wore camo accents” she gushed.

I imagine the spectacular sight looked a little something like this. The social event of the season, no doubt.

Then suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere (perhaps because it blended in so well? Gaffaw, Gaffaw) camo appeared everywhere in fall fashion.

I immediately found myself wondering whether or not this print would translate well to interior trends. There are whispers of imagery sprinkled throughout the web suggesting that I am onto something. And love it or hate it, I see big, square, fluffy down-filled camo accent pillows in Suite Potato Store’s future…

Camo wall accent. A definite statement but the grey scale keeps it surprisingly subtle. Home Designing.

Modern meets manly.Nylon Guy.

Canary yellow! This conjures up all sort of possible combinations. The yellow accents could just as easily be a shade of florescent pink to be used in a girls room. Houzz

PB Teen.

I’m swooning over these Lima-bean-green chairs. I am very on board with camo as a detailed accent (displayed in lampshade.) It’s not the first thing you notice when you see the room but it makes second and third glances more interesting and dynamic. Suite 106 Blog

How would you incorporate camo print pillows into your setting, you ask? I was thinking a little something like this:

Sofa: Joss and Main.  Canvas Art Trio: Didgi Widgi Non-camo pillows: Furbish and West Elm. Side table: West Elm. Tripod floor lamp: Target.

xo SP


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Out with the awesome, in with the awesome.

Suite Potato pieces have been selling like hot potatoes! So a suite replenishment was in order.

Pillows, chairs, benches and more on their way!



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…..Aaaand SOLD.

This little potater has been so busy livin’ the corporate worker bee lifestyle and soaking up Special-Man-Friend-Time before he runs all over the country extinguishing fires – that she’s neglected her ol’ home suite home. Apparently, if you don’t update your blog with content, it doesn’t get updated.

Who knew.

But as fire season commences, so does my ample idle time – and it’s a good thing because I’ve got ideas oozing from my pores.  Yeah. That’s right. Oozing.

Toothpaste For Dinner.

And there’s no motivator like a Suite Potato sale! This little guy went home to a new family this week and we’ve got to begin restoring a new piece to occupy its space! Oh, the possibilities!

So watch this space. For realsies. Watch it.

xo SP

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New at Suite Potato!

Zig to the Zag Chevron Pillows!

And more are on their way!

xx SP


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Meanwhile, In The Gahhhdens……

Check it out!

Over the weekend, Suite Potato Style teamed up with the uber talented minds (and lenses) behind Sara K Bryrne Photography for an ultra fabulous 1940s stylized wedding photo shoot in The Botanical Gardens.

Watch this space (and hopefully many others) for the beautiful end result…coming soon!

xx SP

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Alright. I Suppose You’ve Waited Long Enough.

Do you know what day it is?

It’s announcement day.

Suite Potato announcement day.

After months of sanding, stapling, upholstering, paint spilling, Excel spreadsheeting,,,,

We’ve got ourselves a shop front!

Thanks to the lovely, clever minds at Forget Me Not Antiques in Hyde Park, Suite Potato has a cozy new home!

Located in the lower level of Forget Me Not’s, Suite Potato is slowly staking its ground as one by one, pieces reach completion.

Best of all? We have our very own private studio space! No more clearing the sawdust and blurring the lines between work space and living space. (I think I hear my landlord rejoicing in the distance).

More before and after space renovation pictures to come as I continue to build my inventory, brand and aesthetic.

You know when one good omen can change the entire scope of a project?

Well last week (immediately after opening) I sold my first in-store pieces.

Yeah. That’s right.

So come check it out!

Suite Potato Style @

Forget Me Not Antiques

1615 North 13th Street  (Hyde Park) – across from 13th St Pub & Grill

– Lower Level –

Boise, ID 83702

Store Hours: MON – SAT 11 – 5pm

Suite Potato special viewings available by appointment.


So get goin’!

xx SP

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Peek-a-Boo Dresser

Well friends, it’s complete. So let’s review.


Primed, painted, contemplated, contemplated, contemplated….

Then I painted again, and again. Then i took a sander to the edges like I was mad at it.

The base paint used was semi-gloss black and several top coats of black chalk paint were applied to the front of the dresser drawers.

Chalk paint is primed by smearing chalk across newly painted surface and then wiped clean with soap and water. Then let the chalking commence!

You see that? That’s attention to detail, baby. We’re talkin’ patterned lined drawers. Scented patterned lined drawers. You’re welcome.

Oh, and peek-a-boo. The sides were painted using a pale turquoise milk paint.


And there you have it.


Before    /      After

xx SP

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