Peek-a-Boo Dresser

Well friends, it’s complete. So let’s review.


Primed, painted, contemplated, contemplated, contemplated….

Then I painted again, and again. Then i took a sander to the edges like I was mad at it.

The base paint used was semi-gloss black and several top coats of black chalk paint were applied to the front of the dresser drawers.

Chalk paint is primed by smearing chalk across newly painted surface and then wiped clean with soap and water. Then let the chalking commence!

You see that? That’s attention to detail, baby. We’re talkin’ patterned lined drawers. Scented patterned lined drawers. You’re welcome.

Oh, and peek-a-boo. The sides were painted using a pale turquoise milk paint.


And there you have it.


Before    /      After

xx SP


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