Currently Working On….(Dresser Edition)

I took my my hot new little friend, Mr. Random Orbital Sander, for a spin today with a fabulously ornate little dresser generously given to me by a friend.

Hibernating quietly in Shari’s storage, this little number was in some serious need of TLC.

The top and side inserts were covered in some sort of contact paper which had peeled off in parts on top and was interestingly layered and bubbled on the sides.

Daunting, no?

With many deep breaths, tedious picking and exacto-knife using, I got all those pesky little suckers off and was ready to sand my little heart out.

And sand, I did. All the live long day.

I was pleased to discover that almost the entire dresser was made of solid wood. This will be a killer resale piece.

And now, what to do, what to do…


Photo inspiration? You read my mind, friend.

I dig the idea of a cool flat red – and chalk paint effect? Winner. HGTV Blog.

Classic enough but still very “now”. Food and Home.

Antiqued green. Uh huh. Design Sponge.

Silhouettes. Clever and easy enough, no? Apartment Therapy.

Extreme awesomeness. The tree reveals exposed wood grain. Diving Meet.

Modern moody profile. Design Sponge.

An accent piece with an accent. I slay myself. Honey and Fitz.

Purple?! Get outta town! I’m constantly drawn to unexpected blasts of color in a room like this. Super Chyc.

One of my favorite color combos of as of late – charcoal/white/yellow. Apartment Therapy.


Is there a clear winner? Is it too soon to tell? Are these rhetorical questions?

Stay tuned to find out.

xx SP


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