Okay, So I’m Living With Banksy.

So upon the sacred move-in of Special Man Friend (can I get a what-what for the end of fire season?!!) we made a mid-afternoon journey in search of what he would refer to as his first official contribution to the apartment; the dart board.

We hunted.

We bargained.

We prevailed.

Now, if you listen to him tell the story to any of his pals, it goes a little something like this, “Well I bought a dartboard for our apartment – which is sure to be the first and last piece of furniture she ever lets me contribute, man – and get this: she Suite Potatoed it. The minute it made it’s way into the kitchen! You know, to match the aesthetic of the room. Pppssshh. Girls.” (Chest bump.)

So I play a long and smile and laugh, all the while knowing it was HE who decided to paint it! HE who came up with a theme! HE who whipped out his artistic abilities from thin air.

I have photographic evidence. Chest bump.

The before: Prepped and ready for a gender-neutral paint job. See? The evidence is overwhelming already.

After sketching our most beloved pals onto card stock, SMF diligently carves out the details.

Caught in the act! We know it was you! Little dandy artist boy!

Meanwhile, the satin granite paint job is complete and ready for further direction.

And woah! So are the Banksyesque stencils!

A careful paint application of black gloss later…

and BAMMM. Mo, Russ and Heffe will forever join us during our cook-n-darts sessions.

I took the liberty of adding a metallic outline detail to the exterior boarder of the dart cabinet.

And whooooaaa again. Silver door flaps.

Now that we know the truth, let’s go ahead and take a good look at the before and after.

I know you never doubted me, my Suite Tater Tots. But let’s all give a virtual high-five to SMF for blessing us with his skillful and unexpected art that will bless our kitchen door until the end of days. And let’s also vow to tell all his manly fire friends that he is secretly a sensitive, dandy artist type yearning to share his talent with the world. Preferably through song.

xx SP


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  1. #1 by SAC on October 24, 2011 - 5:38 pm

    Love it! He IS such the artiste! Stencils are the way….Happy Bullseyes guys…

  2. #2 by wendy jaquet on October 24, 2011 - 8:23 pm

    very nice!
    he might be a keeper with those kinds of talents!

  3. #3 by angie on November 20, 2012 - 10:34 pm

    He’s always been an artist silly girl! You should have seen his childhood room, he used to sketch a lot…you know faces, people, sportsillustratedswimsuitedition models… stuff like that

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