The Resting Room.

Restroom. Toilet. The Can.  Bathroom. El Baño. Loo.

A room that,  in my ever-growing humble opinion, should never be neglected. It’s a place of great concentration and vulnerability and thus should coddle its user in every way possible to ensure maximum relaxation and… ease.

Have I over-thought this?

Special Man Friend would argue that I’ve never over-thought anything in my life. Careful, buddy. I could make your tinkle-time a lot less luxurious in the blink of an eye. Don’t pretend you haven’t gotten used to silky-soft toilet paper, aromatherapy hand soap, perfectly compartmentalized medicine cabinet and the buffet of toiletries and fluffy cotton balls that await you with every visit.

I’m into brown right now. Brown is cool. And warm. And easier to keep clean than white. Especially if you live with a boy. Archzine.

DDelightfully feminine. Digging the porcelain box sinks. Rdujour.

Ode to the outhouse. Premier Living.

YES. Love everything about this. Tailored, modern, androgenic, striped, tinned. Spectacular. Fine Composition.

The perfect wall color. Archzine.

More vertical stripes. Vintage but not cutesy. Habitually Chic.

Oooh so modern-minimalist. I feel like number twos would be a no-no in this bathroom. Too much clutter. Trendir.

And on the totally opposite end of the spectrum, this may be the busiest bathroom of them all. Sarathina.


I’m craving a bathroom makeover. Time to tone down the feminine accents and introduce some new warmer winter tones. I see brown in my future.

Wait. Gross. I didn’t mean that.


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