I Can See Clearly Now.

Transparent. See-through. Blatant.  Not so good for human qualities. Awesome for design qualities.

That’s right. I’m talking about Lucite.

We’re once again teetering on dangerous territory with this trend because it can be grossly overdone. But paired with the right textures  and visuals (bold, mid-century, geometric) this is one look I don’t see going away any time soon.

But maybe that’s just because it’s… clear.


I’d like to begin by crediting the fabulously bizarro Philippe Starck for pioneering all this noise back in ’05 with his prime time debut.

Remember the final season of Sex And The City when Carrie meets Petrovsky’s ex wife at an uber chic restaurant in Paris? Panoramic views of the city lined with lucite Louis XVI chairs?

That’s right. That’s the work of Mr. Starck. Occupying two full floors of the famous LVMH building, Kong is so trendy, it hurts. But the good kind of hurt.

image via Misadventures with Andi.

Speaking of 2005, here we have Modest Madge surrounded by acrylic in the Versace campaign. Sure hope those aren’t white hydrangeas.

Here’s what I enjoy about this photo: There’s a lot going on here, but you don’t realize how much at first glance. To me, this shows that there are no real rules when it comes to pairing period furniture. Modern Louis XVI lucite chair, French Provencal mirrored dressing table (with mahogany stained legs), 1960’s inspired table lamp, Victorian embellished mirror, vintage radio, floor-to-ceiling curtains and a bleached cowhide rug.

Admit it, that’s a lot of action.

image via Trust Your Style.

This coffee table is EVERYWHERE. What is it about Lucite and zebra rugs that seem so chic? decorpad.

And again! (This time with Danish-Modern snakeskin accent chair). Design Sponge.

Oh – oh. And again! This time with color coordinating Dalmatian. So life-like.  Decorpad.

I giggled to myself for a solid 2 minutes when I came upon this photograph. Not because it’s particularly funny, but because it made me think about how delightfully hilarious it would be if I replaced all the furniture in my apartment with Lucite and acrylic versions of the former and tried to convince Special Man Friend that I had taken his advice and simplified my lifestyle. In other words, “cleared” the junk.  Luxury Idea.

xx SP


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