Hello, Beatlejuice. You Look Good.

Remember these sad little creatures?

How could you forget. How could I forget?

Well I did. For a minute. Until Special Man Friend reminded me they were taking up valuable room in the apartment.

So I Suite Potato’d ’em.


I found this fabric at a garage sale in the North End held by one of the costume designers for The Idaho Shakespeare Festival. Jackpot!

I padded the arms with wrapped cotton and upholstered them for a more rich, tailored look.

Can’t beat black and cream.


And there you have it! Damn, those are some good lookin’ Suite Potato chairs!

I’m hesitant to list them on Craigslist because they look so fabulous in my apartment. But I will part with them for the right price. So email me if you’re interested.

xx SP


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