Burlap, My Friend, You Got Lucky.

Burlap. Everywhere I look. Burlap.

In my mind, there are practical uses of burlap and then there are ridiculously impractical uses.

For instance.

Burlap: To hold potatoes? Good. Burlap: to cover a sofa or cuddle up to some nice burlap pillows? Bad.

Have you ever FELT burlap? It’s like sand paper. Sand paper that sheds and itches and comes unraveled easily.

I’m not hating on burlap. I dig it. I love the natural color and the interesting fibers and the rustic chic vibe it presents in an interior setting. I’m just saying. Use it wisely. Before it gets weird.

So last week I wandered through my parents sun room and inspected Mamma Sally’s latest art projects and I came upon this delightful little Bessy she painted using acrylics. I MEAN. It’s genius. She’s an incredible [dormant, mind you] artist with a knack for interesting subjects. My first thought was – how great would this look mounted with burlap and framed? Super great. But she won’t let me have it. Yet. I’ll wear her down. I always do.

I mean. These chairs are spectacular looking. But I’m a wee bit wary of their comfort level. Apartment Therapy.

Burlap curtains. Aesthetically pleasing, out of the way, interesting texture. Yes. That will work. I’ll take 8.  Conspicuous Style.

Burlap headboard. Pretty neat. Could be a good way to incorporate some masculinity into a room otherwise dominated by ladyness.  Belle Maison.

Alright. I take everything I said about impracticality back. I need this chair in my life. Design Sponge.

Burlap table cloth. I’m on board. Dulce and Dapper.


I mosied on into Pottery Barn this week and discovered that, well what do you know, they’ve hopped on the burlap train too.

And now I can’t stop thinking about burlap lampshades.

I love the way the light leaks through the loosely woven material. That’s it. I’m making myself some burlap lampshades. So watch this space. Or the one directly above it. Don’t be so literal.

xx SP


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  1. How To: [Re]Make Your Own Lampshade « suitepotato

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