Hey you guys, come look how smart I am.

Oh, the elusive home bookcase. A perfect way to display all the books you’ve never read memorized from cover to cover. Everyone will immediately know how intelligent you are and judge you based on your collection.

Seriously, though. Bookcases are the shit. It’s easy to find endless examples of bookcases being used as the focal point of a living space and to claim that they’re uber hip right now. But when have bookcases not been cool? Anyone who’s anyone watched Beauty + The Beast’s Bell swing from the library latter and dreamed of their own floor to ceiling bookcase/library situation from which to sing catchy Disney melodies. Did I use the word bookcase enough? Bookcase.

We Heart It.

The Night Fox.

Color blocking books is hot. Homes & Garden.

Dark and floor to ceiling. Yes please. Pinterest.

Bookshelves, dainty dog, before/after, ikat AND blue and white! Stimulation overload. Eddie Ross.

furniture in front of a bookcase. Bold move. Hope who ever sits there hates watching television. i suwannee.

Pure Style Home.

That’s a lot of busts, no? Pure Style Home.

He’s a far-talker. Pure Style Home.

West Elm.


Ok. Now i’m going to show you the Suite Potato before/after bookcase. Ready? Are you? Are you ready? Bookcase.

This was the selling point for me when I fond this apartment. Built in book shelves. It was the first thing I furnished.

and then…

Mmm. Charcoal grey. Color blocking. Idaho antlers. Nostalgic photographs. Hand-thrown pottery. Yeah. That’s right.

Over and out.

xxx Suite Potato.


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  1. #1 by Raindrops on July 30, 2011 - 6:16 am

    Heart this! You know I just want to swing from the bookcase like belle.

    Colour blocking – delicious!

  2. #2 by Anne on July 30, 2011 - 6:51 am

    Haha loved this and the pics were great! My appreciation of a living space will increase instantaneously whenever I see I nice bookshelf. I also saw a story on yahoo recently about an entire house where every wall was a book shelf. Over kill or heaven? 😉

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