Naked. Naked as a Lima Bean.

Ah, the 60s. I often wonder what kind of human being I would have been had I grown up in the 1960s. I thought I was a child of the 60s for a brief time during high school. You know, tie dye, hemp necklaces, Birkenstocks and Dave Matthews Band. That kind of faux-hippy phase everyone goes through and hopes no one uses to blackmail you later in life. Tragic. Although I did skip school once to attend a protest war rally in front of the Capital building. I think I got hungry and totally “peaced-out” early for lunch after about 15 minutes. So legit!

So this is my favorite excerpt from Ciao Manhattan – a haunting documentary highlighting the life of Edie Sedgwick, narrated by Edie herself.

On a lighter note, let’s have a little looksie at some vibrant colors and 60s and 70s silhouettes and mid-century (danish) influences present in modern design images. Some more subtle than others.

Hudson Good’s Blog.

Holy metallic swirls, Batman! Interiors by Studiom.

My Mod Style.

Real Estate Sok Suit



Pink velvet sofa! I dig it! Pink sofas are all over the place right now. Houzz


Soooo I stumbled upon this fancy little number while out thrifting one day.

And I eventually suckered my Special Man Friend into picking it up.

As he quietly obeyed my request and lifted the vintage bright yellow sofa into the bed of his truck without a single complaint, I smiled at him, snapped a photo and thought maybe this Special Man Friend was – indeed –  special. And then he gave me the finger. (long pause). I knew then that it was love.

I placed it in my studio space. (Blue/white and floral pillows made by Suite Potato!)

It’s comfortable – in perfect condition – and fantastically golden yellow.

I can’t decide – do I keep it or do I sell it?

xx Suite Potato.


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  1. #1 by Olivia Ruggeri on August 4, 2011 - 9:24 pm

    Keep it! x

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