And one for the creative kiddie suite potater tots….

Here we have the bleached oak glass table painted a satin pastel lime green.

I then coated the glass insert with black chalk spray paint (purchased from Home Depot).

The trick here is to generously coat the glass with the paint – let try – and apply again in 1 hour. This will ensure that the chalk will not scratch through to the glass surface.

Then I spiced it up with some hot kid-friendly white spots.

Now, in order to prime the chalk board, you MUST smear the entire surface with chalk and then wipe clean with a damp towel. This will prevent chalk scratches from remaining permanently ghosted into the surface.

After removal — doodle to your hearts desire!

And now a before/after recap:

This is a particularly good table for children because of its rounded edges. And it’s freakin’ gosh-darn adorable.

Buy it off the Craigslist posting here!


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    Your post raises some interesting points, however I questions how many of them are really a factor? That said, great post.

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