Happy Beige Day.

toothpaste for dinner.

Alright. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s time we admit that beige can be interesting. It is unassuming, timeless and easy on the eye. Add a few dramatic color contrasting pieces (coral, navy, green) and you’re really going to get everyone excited.

Let’s view some successful examples of using beige as a color base for a room, shall we?

Beige, olive and unfinished wood detailing. divine. PureStyleHome.

Beige and turquoise. A classic color combo success. Throw a zebra rug in there and I’ll melt with envy every time. The Lennoxx.

Beige and white. Don’t you even THINK about bringing that red wine into this room, Mister. And don’t track in all that mud on your dirty shoes! Don’t get your mucky hands all over that white upholstery! You know what – you’re just not allowed in this room. Ever. Don’t even look at it. Don’t.

End scene.

Design by Erinn Valencich, image via Decorati.

Mmmm…beige and green. a personal favorite. PureStyeHome.

See. Everybody’s doing it. FreshHomeBlog.

SWEET JESUS, I covet that dresser. I foresee re-creating my own version of this very soon. The Lennox.

Design rule # 483: Putting a dainty crystal chandelier and an even daintier dog in a room automatically makes it relevant. Pure Style Home.

Gold frames with white mattes. I dig it. Pure Style Home.


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