“RTO, Pretty boys!”

My special man friend was dispatched to a Salmon area fire last night.  At 11pm. In the middle of a crew BBQ. Commencing their 2 days off. Oh, the irony.

photo credit: isuwannee

Their crew leader, and host of the BBQ,  shouted over a championship game of Flip Cup and brought the rowdy trash talking and social drinking beer guzzling to an eerie halt.

Talk about a buzz kill.

Wives and girlfriends immediately ran to their firefighter’s side, their best guilt-inducing pout-face in full force, shoving cold burgers into their boys’ mouths to soak up as much booze as possible before their 5 am call time.

And as quickly as they arrived – they were gone again. 14 day rolls. Travel and staging days not included. No cell service.

That means I’ve got all the time in the world for blog/furniture construction and part-time job hunting while still leaving room for some inevitable self-indulgent sulking.  What’s that they say about pain and suffering being conducive to creativity? Pshhh. I see your pain and suffering and raise you dating an Idaho City Hot Shot Firefighter during their 5 month unpredictable fire season.  There better be a Caribbean vacation at the end of this experience. Or at least foot massages. On demand.


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