Black is the new black.

I’ve distanced myself from painting anything black after my boho/indie overkill days in high school when I coated everything I could get my hands on in a tacky glossy black. Yes, even the walls were subject to this torturous phase.  So risky!  And soooooo edgy.

I finally figured out how to be smarter than the staples, which required cutting an X in the four corners of the material and ripping along the lining with my death grip.

Alright dull and drab chair. Let’s do this.

It’s time that black and I kiss an make up. But flat black this time. none of that glossy shiz.

And now I must find the perfect multi-pattern answer to the seat and backing question. Or maybe I should just cover it with paper and insist that my special man friend have a seat. Zing! It’s these tendencies that make me think I’ll probably be single again soon.

Until tomorrow…

xx Suite Potato.


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