Anyone who’s anyone knows that Peacock Chairs are all the rage.

I keep seeing these little pieces of eye candy all over design blogs and design magazines. Is it the throwback nature of wicker paired with more modern silhouettes in a seating gathering? Or perhaps it’s the inherent feeling of  undeniable importance  one feels when casually leaning against what can only be appropriately compared to a royal throne. Either way, Peacock Chairs are attracting tired bottoms like its the height of mating season. Get it? Because Peacocks use their feathers to attract their mates. Man, I slay myself. Guffaw, guffaw.

top to bottom: GQ Cover – September 2009, Party Center, Talk is Chic

You get the idea? Good. Are your loins burning with anticipation of my own version of this devine trend? Stop it, I’m blushing.

Here we spot the elusive Peacock cowering in the shade of the sidewalk in front of a used furniture store. Sturdy condition, perfectly woven wicker still intact. Oh, the potential!

After much brainstorming, I have concluded that a radiant red will suit this piece just fine. Perhaps I will finish it with a bronze base. And I am overstimulated with possible circular cushion patterns! Floral? Zebra? BOTH?!

Washed, prepped and ready for luuuuuuuurrrve.

Now that’s a snappy lookin’ red if I’ve ever seen one.

Now let’s jazz up the base.

OOooh yeah. Good and jazzy. I like where we’re going with this. Think about how good this will look sans masking tape.

Now I’ve got to find myself a circular cushion and decide on some eye-popping patterns and transform this ugly duckling into the cockiest Peak’ that ever lived.

So watch this space. It’s about to get crazy.

xx Suite Potato


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