It’s not me, it’s you.

One of my first initiatives in organizing my studio/workshop environment was to remove the make-shift floating shelf art display from my living room and create a more functional shelving unit in my pending studio room…

And here we have a before photo of the, um, studio. (this term will seem much more legit once this becomes a consistent place for productivity and not just a good wall space for hand-stand contests.) Pop question: is the photo crooked or is the shelf crooked?

a little bit of power-drill action and Voila!


and then about 3 minutes later it looked like this.

And this….

And this…

It was all very dramatic. I cooled down for a few hours and tried again. this time just the bottom shelf collapsed. I know what you’re thinking. but I assure you, this time, it’s not my fault. I have concluded that the empty space between the wall and the plaster (thanks a lot, old building construction) is too weak to support the structure.

Solution: man friend to the rescue. I will (this time only, i swear) be requesting the assistance of my special man friend to acquire the proper tools for such a feat and reinstall the shelves. Should he prove successful, I will reward him with cold beer, home cooked food and maybe even let him give me a foot massage. I’m still trying to convince him the latter is a privilege. I have adorable feet.

More on this later.

In the mean time, please enjoy this deliciously inspiring collection of work spaces.

top to bottom: Oliveaux, Pinterest,Simply Seleta, Simply Seleta, i suwannee, Nestegg, Nestegg, Nestegg, (x 2), Design Sponge


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