Okay fine, so I don’t take direction well.

project aftermath. and the cutest feet known to woman. no?

I feel it is most important to mention that I rarely have any idea of what I’m doing. Art projects, career moves, love and life all fall under this umbrella. While logical reasoning serves as an inherent base for most humans walking around every day; making decisions and solving problems and successfully functioning in society, I suppose I am a student of the fly-by-the-seat-of-my-hip-and-shoot-from-the-pants philosophy. I also write very long-winded sentences. Most of the time.

So here we are, in the blogosphere, perplexed by all the widgets and whats-its and diddly-doos needed to maintain a web page. I’m told this is a safe place conducive to nurturing ideas, sharing inspiration and shamelessly self promoting. I intend to utilize all three of these elements.

Although I anticipate my mother being the only one to ever follow this blog – with the same enthusiasm she normally reserves for American Idol and Anita Shreve paperbacks – I intend to share with you, dear Reader, the process through which I take my life-long interest in interior design and turn it into a career.

DIY is the name of the game. I am fully aware that there are rules and helpful conventional guidelines to follow when handling furniture, fabrics, paint, varnishes, sewing machines, electric saws and steel hammers. I will most likely choose to disregard all these aforementioned directions and I can almost guarantee that, as a result, I will do most things twice. I will try to document every broken picture frame, uneven shelving unit and all my wounded limbs along the way. Not only for comic relief, but also to prove that there is more than one way to be successful. And I have found that sometimes the most conventional path is also the most boring one. Furniture renovations, fashion ensembles, life, whatever. I have faith that I will still prevail in my endeavors despite having sacrificed logic in favor of a more long-winded approach. This is my space, my style, my vision. And quite frankly – I don’t care if you don’t like it. Besides, I will always have at least one unwavering fan to coddle my every moment of self-proclaimed ingeniousness. (Thanks, Mamma Sally).

xx suite potato


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